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Production Overview 
Flip Chip interconnection, also knownas Controlled Collapse Chip Connection, C4, has been identified as a high performance packaging solution to meet the growing need for products with increased electrical performance, high I/O, and high system reliability as a replacement for conventional wire bond process. Utilizing whole die area as for electrical connection, substrate I/O per unit exponentially increased vs. perimeter wire interconnection technology. 
Flip chip interconnect also allows direct connection with on-die power planes which enables increased electrical performance including increased switching speed and more efficient power distribution to the IC performance at lower operating voltages. 

TF-AMD Flip Chip are assembled with single unit laminate which is the highest routing density through build-up technology to maximize the device performance &conventional ceramic substrate for reliability enhanced package solution. Combined with Flip Chip interconnection, TF-AMD provides optimal design flexibility for final package design& product format to fit an end user requirement. TF-AMD offers Flip Chip BGA packages with ball counts up to 3000 & PGA package up to 2000

Flip Chippackage is considered one of the most established industry platform applicable for high pincount and/or high performance ASICs. Large body FC BGA/PGAs provide package solution forComputing (microprocessors / graphic, server), gaming,high bandwidth networking/Communicationdevices. Combined with Flip Chip technology &BGA/PGAlead format, TF-AMD help to enable SMT and also pin insertion application.

Flip Chip BGA/PGA Packaging 
Package Types: Bare die, Stiffener, Lidded (Top hat & flat top) 

Wafer Node ?14/16nm ELK(extreme low K) qualified, 7nm in development. 
Package sizes from 12mm to 55mm (75mm in development) 
Die area up to 800mm^2 

Lead Free, Eutectic, High-Pb bump for Flip Chip connection 
Passive component size down to 01005 
High thermal performance solution using Indium metal TIM 

               o    4 – 18 layers laminate build up 
               o    Coreless, 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm available 
               o    High CTE ceramic / LTCC alumina ceramic 
               o    BGA / PGA 

Footprints Pitch 
                o    BGA : 0.5mm, 0.65mm, 0.8mm and 1.0mm 
                o    PGA : 1.0mm, 1.27mm 

Other Option 
                o    Multi-die capability 
                o    Die binning to waffle pack up to 256 BINs 

Flip Chip BGA/PGA Test 
Test Product Engineering 
                o    TF-AMD test provides a competitive test solution to our customers ranging from test development, platform conversion, and product maintenance and test data analysis. 
                o    The team has rich test development experience of various product portfolio, including high-end digital, mix-signal, SOC and high speed products. 

Adding Value to Customer 
                o    Reduce customer overhead by outsourcing projects / tasks to avoid maintaining a large scale of dedicated team 
                o    Incorporate industrial standard through leveraging best known method from our database & continuous cost saving by driving test time reduction, yield improvement 

Service Solutions 
                 o    Wafer Sort test development 
                 o    Final Test development 
                 o    Low cost platform conversion 
                 o    Multi-site enablement 
                 o    Burn-in capabilities 

Test Development Experience 
                 o    CPU, APU, GPU 
                 o    Chipset 
                 o    Digital Audio 
                 o    Baseband 
                 o    Microcontroller 
                 o    LCD Driver 
                 o    Touch Panel Driver 

ATE platforms and products 

Reliability Test Standards 

Design Rule 
Top Hat Single Piece Lid 

Lid size=substrate size-0.2mm 

Standard foot sizes 
                        o    2mm for 15-25mm body 
                        o    3mm for 27-31mm body 
                        o    4mm for 33-50mm body 

Max 3mm on all four sides (UF will flow under the bend/slant of the HS). Extended design rule allow Max. 2.5mm for the body size ≤31mm 

Lid is centered 

Cavity depth for 12inch wafer SPL is 0.8mm and total thickness is 1.3mm 
                        o    TIM Thickness target: 40um (Max. 100um) 
                        o    Adhesive Thickness target: 120um (Max. 200um) 
                        o    Lid manufacturing tolerance: +/-50um 

Body size <31mm support bare die structure (without stiffener/lid construction) 

Packing & Shipping (in house standard) 
BGA / PGA (Tray) 


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