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Production Overview

Flip Chip packaging, in which the silicon die is directly attached to the substrate in a face-down way using solder bumps or Cu pillar instead of wire bonds, provides the shortest electrical path with high electrical and thermal performance.
NFME offers customers with full turnkey process for Flip Chip product from Wafer Bumping, Wafer Probing, Flip Chip assembly, Final Test and System Level Test. The Flip Chip product portfolio includes FCBGA, FCBGA-H, FCCSP, FCLGA, FCQFN, and FCSOT, etc.



The FC package family is applicable for a wide range of semiconductor device types from high end AP/CPU/GPU/BB/RFIC chips, to Wireless LAN, network switch, power management, memory, and standard linear, analog etc.


Key Features
* SiP (FC+SMT+Wirebond) available.
* CUF, MUF available.
* Cu Pillar, Solder bump (LF) available.
* Various substrate technology qualified including SAP, MSAP, ETS, MIS and SLP.
* Fully Turnkey for wafer bumping, probing, assembly, FT and SLT available.

Reliability Test Standards 
The test criterion is zero defect out of 77 sampling units. 

JEDEC PreconditionJ-STD-20/JESD22-A113


-55 ~ 125°C, 500/1000cycles, JEDEC22-A104


130/85%RH,33.5 PSI,96/192hr, JEDEC 22-A118


150°C, 1000hrs, JEDEC 22- A103

MUF FCCSP Design Rule

Die Thk

Min 80um

Mold Cap Thk


Substrate Thk 

Min 0.11mm

SMT Capacitor

Min 01005



S/B Size

Min 0.20mm



S/B Pitch

Min 0.35mm

Gap Height

Min 40um

Surface Surface

Ni/Au, OSP, IT


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