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◇  MCM(MCP) multi-chip module package (multi-chip package)
◇  Pb-free assembly solutions including pure Sn, SnBi, NiPdAu
◇  MEMS acceleration sensor package
◇  Leadless Quad Flat package
◇  Ball Grid Array package
◇  Strip-test technology
◇  Automotive Electronic IC Assembly & Test
◇  Cooper Wire Bonding applied to IC package
◇  Multi leads LQFP package such as LQFP176/208/216/256
◇  Ag Wire Bonding applied to IC package
◇  Clip Bonding applied to Power package
◇  8、12 inch wafer Solder Bump,Cu Pillar FC(Flip Chip) manufacturing and packaging services
◇  8、12 inch WLCSP Assembly & Test


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