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Environment Policy

To protect environment, to obey the laws and regulations;

To prevent pollution, to decide the process scientifically;

To save the energy and reduce the consumption, to carry out the comprehensive use;

To cut emission, to pursuit the green improvement;

To produce cleanly, to beautify the environment around;

To improve continuously, to advance the environmental performance.

EICC Policy 

The products that NFME supply contain Sn, Ta, W, Au and other mental (all above will be called conflict mental as following),which are not be mined through these mining areas that controlled by the Democratic Republic of Congo or other nearby countries arms organization.

So NFME promise that:

1、 NFME will not purchase any conflict metals from any conflict areas.

2、 NFME require suppliers that they should not use any conflict metals from any conflict areas.

3、NFME require the suppliers that they should fan out the requirement to the upstream suppliers.



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