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The company successfully held the TQM Achievement Show

Recently, our company held a meeting to share the achievements in TQM Group Activities, sum up the effects and display the outcomes. Totally 50 attendees were presented at the meeting, including TQM committee members, leaders of each TQM group and speakers.

At the meeting, 10 TQM groups presented their achievements by multimedia. The speakers were all young and intellectual reserve forces of the company. They did well preparation and presentation, and accordingly demonstrated their fairly good potentials. After questioning, estimating, scoring and goal-reach conforming by appraisers, the TQM committee conclusively decided that WinRAR Group with topicimprove inspection pass rate of TO247from BOL Dept. won the first prize in this session; both Solar Power Group with cost down cleaning compound of SOL8from FOL Dept. and Struggling Group withreduce the consumption of spare parts in T/F processfrom No.2 manufacturing Dept. won the second prize; Aurora Group II with reduce off-center marking defectsfrom BOL Dept. and SURPASS HIGH-POINT Group from Test Dept. with “Reduced test failures caused by poor contact in O2 CP Test” won the third place; In addition, other three achievements were awarded the Fourth Prize and the rest two got Encourages Award in this TQM Achievement Show.

In the joint efforts of all members, TQM conference came to end successfully. The meeting is not only an opportunity for the various TQM groups to demonstrate results, but also the platform for each participant to communicate and learn from each other. The successful convening of the conference will promote the quality of our management to a higher level.


WinRAR Group won the first prize


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